4Runner tire wobble at highway speeds

Does anyone have issues with tire wobble on the hitch at highway speeds? If so, any way to avoid or fix it?

2019 T4R Pro with UltraSwing, running 34x11 WildPeaks


Thanks for asking the question. There’s a lot of variables to this.

Since we first created the UltraSwing we’ve never stopped improving and evolving its capabilities. The UltraSwing has more accessories than ever before and we’ve done everything to ensure it can support the full range of accessories and potential loads we support.

In almost every instance of significant highway oscillation we’ve encountered over the past 5 years, the one constant has been the UltraSwing was only carrying a tire (around 285-295-ish) and maybe a table at the most.

Carrying a 40" tire and two E-bikes is a very different load than one 33" tire. Over time we’ve learned that sometimes there are frequencies that don’t play nice. For example, our lead engineer Eric, former lead engineer at King Suspension, had a similar experience to you with his Montero. With some adjustment to his compression setting on his rear shocks, the particular frequency was eliminated. And it’s been issue-free ever since.

In my personal experience with my 5th Gen 4Runner, I’ve only ever experienced the highway resonance to the point of a noticeable effect when I was not running a bike rack, fuel, or anything else other than my 285 or 295 spare tire, either with stock suspension, Bilsteins, or a Camburg kit with Fox 2.5s. I almost never ran my UltraSwing with less than a bike rack attached, thus changing the potential frequency issue.

We’ve tested units from a 4Runner customer experiencing highway oscillation. Testing the same unit on 4Runners back at the shop on stock suspension, we could not get it to oscillate at highway speeds even with testing multiple tire sizes.

I’d be very interested to hear about your experience if you were to try running more weight on the UltraSwing. Fuel, bikes, etc.

It’s a sweet spot of frequency, and 4Runner or similar size vehicles with a certain size tire at a certain speed seem to have a higher potential for this, especially if the suspension is firmer than stock.

Let us know what other accessories you’re running on your UltraSwing,

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m sorry it’s taken me a minute to get back to you. From a tire and suspension perspective I have:

I have 34x11.5 wildpeaks (LT285/75R17)
Dobson front lifted coils and SPC UCAs
Wescott suspension system and OME Rear springs.
3” lift

I only run the spare on the back. I don’t have fuel or a table yet.

I do have sliders, a bumper and winch and some other things but I only listed what I thought you were asking for.


Thanks Tim,

The weight in discussion here would be in direct relationship to what’s mounted on the UltraSwing. More weight on the UltraSwing will settle everything down. Especially something like extra fuel/water. The table is pretty light, so that won’t have much change.

Hope this helps,