Bounce n the rear

Hey guys, I just got my Ultraswing last week and definitely love it, but I did notice pretty noticeable bouncing in the back when going down washboard type (lack of better words) roads or freeways. I do have Icon 2” springs with 2.5 Resis non adjustable shocks in the rear. Anyone have a similar issue and find a fix for it?

I get that on certain speeds on rough highways too. It’s just the right vibration to feel it all the way through the steering wheel. A light tap on the brakes will stop it.

Otherwise probably check your torque specs every month or two. I noticed mine worked its way loose after a few hundred miles of very rocky offroading.

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No bouncing. I had mine for 4 months.

Yeah, same here. I thought it was my overburdened stock leaf springs that were to blame, but I just had my full suspension replaced (front/rear shocks, control arms, and much heavier leaf springs) and there was no difference afterward. I think it is an oscillating effect of certain roads + weight + length of vehicle. I don’t feel any vibrations in the steering, just the back end going up and down. Very dependent on the road.

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I have the exact same issue as @Mattada … vibration on highway at certain speeds … once I let off gas OR accelerate through it it stops. I’ve gotten used to it as it’s not all the time by any means.

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Cool thanks for the replies! I’m getting used to it now. Good to know I wasn’t the only one experiencing it.

When I first put on the ultra swing, I winged it.
I did notice the bouncing, so I watched some youtube videos and forgot to torque correctly the hitch & put in the hitch pin to get the perfect distance while locking down everything. Everything is now Perfect and I am good to go.

So please check out some videos on YouTube and get a good Torque wrench to 90 pounds and you should be fine.