JerryRig™ Fuel/Water Mount MOD to hold MaxTracks & RotoPax 4 Gallon tanks

Could we mod & release the JerryRig™ Fuel/Water Mount to remove the sides to the cage like holder & have it include just 1 flat center piece of metal that would run up & down the center of the cage.

This would stick out like a tiny sail mast.

Having one single sheet of metal down the center of the JerryRig™ Fuel/Water Mount without its double sides could give us double space on each side of the single sail mast metal to hold maxtracks one side & RotorPax 4 gallon tank on the other side.

If we beefed it up, the single metal piece, like a 1/4 flat piece we could put 4 pairs of maxtracks on one side & 2 (4 Gallon) Rotopax fuel tanks on the other side.

This would give us more functionality & features with the Ultra Swing.

To resemble something like this in the posted image?

Thoughts anyone?