Lights as an accessory to the Table

Hello All,

I am loving my Sunday Tool Time hanging Diode Dynamics SS2 & SS3 Lights all over the Gobi Rack. Now I am turning my attention to the Ultra Wing.

Would it be nice if there were some accessories like a piece of aluminum bar or bent piece of Metal to attach between the back of the table and the ultra swing?

a 1 1/2 piece wide enough & bend it at 90 degrees and cut it off at 4 inches .
This would be like a L shape design.

After it is rounded edges and holes drilled, I could mount a BAJA Design Dome Rock Light to it so that the light would be facing the unfolded table.

So if I am cooking at night, there would be a light there for me or if I am using the table to hold some chips and dips there would be a light there for me.

If I was wrenching at night in the field, the lighted table would be a perfect application.

Team up with BAJA Design & lets get these light accessories on the Ultra Swing order page.

The ideas are endless

These Baja Designs 39-98051 LED Dome Light with Switch are tiny and the wiring would be simple and easy or someone could create a harness like for the rear camera or the Light for the License plate.

The light itself has a on off button so using this device would be simple and easy.

Note this: The rear view camera option on the web site is not that great because it is not a plug in play harness.
It would be nice if this harness could connect to the existing harness near the bumper or tail light so that we did not have to run a line all the way to the battery it self.

If this was offered from here, I would order a few of these puppies myself.
But because I have a trip coming in a couple of weeks, I will have to make the harness and tap into the fuse box & relay.

Just an Idea.

Lights as an accessory to the Table.

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