Quality of Powder Coating - Rigd vs Front Runner

It took me some time before I decided to buy an Ultra Swing tire carrier for my Ram 1500. I was excited that my purchase included a FrontRunner table. Admittedly, I didn’t install my Ultra Swing as quickly as I wanted to because I was changing my setup on my rig. The Ultra Swing was stored in my garage in its original box. Fast forward, the UltraSwing has been installed for 3 months now. Although I am extremely happy with the tire carrier, I am equally UNHAPPY with the FrontRunner table that it came with. The area around the latch is rusting and I have never used it! It seems the FrontRunner’s powder coating process is inferior to the method Rigd uses in its tire carriers.

I could understand that under normal use the powder coat deteriorates in the area of continual friction, but that is not the case with me. I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

Any suggestions Rigd?

Wow, that’s curious. Thanks for sharing that. Not good. :thinking:

Well I guess RIGD has nothing to say about this! Nor any suggestions. Hmm

Mine is exactly the same. I just threw some grease on it to slow the spread.