Quality of Powder Coating - Rigd vs Front Runner

It took me some time before I decided to buy an Ultra Swing tire carrier for my Ram 1500. I was excited that my purchase included a FrontRunner table. Admittedly, I didn’t install my Ultra Swing as quickly as I wanted to because I was changing my setup on my rig. The Ultra Swing was stored in my garage in its original box. Fast forward, the UltraSwing has been installed for 3 months now. Although I am extremely happy with the tire carrier, I am equally UNHAPPY with the FrontRunner table that it came with. The area around the latch is rusting and I have never used it! It seems the FrontRunner’s powder coating process is inferior to the method Rigd uses in its tire carriers.

I could understand that under normal use the powder coat deteriorates in the area of continual friction, but that is not the case with me. I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

Any suggestions Rigd?

Wow, that’s curious. Thanks for sharing that. Not good. :thinking:

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Well I guess RIGD has nothing to say about this! Nor any suggestions. Hmm

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Mine is exactly the same. I just threw some grease on it to slow the spread.


We had the same issue with the original front runner table (the one without the latch). My impression is that while it can be used outside, it was meant to be mounted on the interior of a rig. I think this is likely why RigD offered the all weather cutting board option as the original FrontRunner cutting board wouldn’t last anytime in outdoor conditions. While this doesn’t help the OP, RigD now has their Ultra-Table which is all aluminum/stainless construction and doesn’t rust. Its a huge improvement in my opinion.

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Hello Tommy,
I believe you are correct! My concern has shifted from the rust to the lack of response from Rigd. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my UltraSwing and will buy from Rigd again. But if Rigd outsourced its table to ForeRunner and ForeRunner applied a poor quality powder coating that is still on Rigd because I purchased from them. Customer Service makes customers come back! I have a Go Fast Camper and they monitor concerns expressed in their forum and respond to the customer. Frankly, I will remain a customer of Rigd and all of this is water under the bridge. Tommy send me a PM, I live in Lexington maybe we could hit some of the trails. Peace

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Understood completely. I have always had great response and customer service from Rigd as well. Hopefully they will reach out on your issue. We have several add on components on our rig that are powdercoated and I find that most last 2-3 years before needing attention. Specifically our front bumper and rock sliders. They take alot of abuse even from road grit and grime and I have yet to have a coating hold up longer than that. I’m all ears for better solutions as its a pain to strip powder and I’m not as big of a fan of rattle can. I chalk it up as part of the game, but I could be off base.

Glad to know you are local and hopefully we can meet up on the trails! Cheers!

Have had the same issues with powder coating for my entire unit. Not even a year old, and it’s so rusty it looks like it should be in Mad Max Fury Road.

Did anyone with the same issue hear from them?

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There have been several of us that have been having the same issue with the powder coating.
NO, they haven’t reached out to anyone (that I know of) voicing concerns of this nature.

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