Relocating the camera for a wider field of view

I personally found the mount position of the camera to be a bit low for my liking. Sure I can see a toddler but I need to see that minivan also backing out of target the same time I am. So I made a solution. Im gonna run it out a spoke of the spare.

Parts needed:
Anytime backup cam extender cable $9 Camera Extension Wire – Anytime Backup Camera
Some cable protector (I used 3/8" plastic from harbor freight for $3
Gorilla mount tape or 3m VHB 1" wide
Sheet steel
Aluminum Angle bar (1.5"x1.5"x10")
Zip tie adhesive mounts
Spray paint

I used some Cardboard design skills to fab up the position of the bolts and what would fit through the gap in the spoke pattern of my wheels. You only need about 1.5" square of clearance for the camera to poke through.

Cutting to shape, I wanted to make sure I caught 2 bolt holes on the back of the tire swing. My initial design worked but was a bit wobbly. I didn’t want to risk it vibrating a scrape on my wheels in case it did come in contact. I added a top support beam of the aluminum angle iron. I dont have a welder so aluminum paired with the gorilla mount tape was perfect. Im sure 3m VHB 1" wide would work too.

Hit it with a rattle can of black and its solid.

For the camera mount, I used some small clamps to test the positioning. It was decided to angle it up a bit. So I cut a 2" section of the aluminum angle bar to be at a different angle than the top supporting piece.

Using the black cable protector, I used some adhesive ziptie mounts to position it along the swing arm with a little play at the hinge. I ran across the top to keep it from catching anything when offroading.

Finished product

Awesome post buddy. I’m looking to do the same thing to my bronco sport.