Table + Rotopax

Don’t want to have to choose one or the other. Is there a mod to use the table as well as mount some Rotopax?


Yes! There is a mod, it’s been in the works for months (almost a full year actually). It’s currently about to head into production. It will mount off to the side of the UltraSwing and still allow you to run the table. It will be available late summer. It’s called the SideHack.


I reached out to Rigd a while back about an option similar to the hi lift mount that instead of the hi lift could be altered to hold 1 or 2 of the larger roto pax. i will eventually make my own as i think the placement of them there is a good fit.

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Cool, I would recommend waiting for the SideHack. It’s exactly what you’re describing, but doesn’t have the issues the Hi-Vert style mount has since it’s mounted on the pivot side of the UltraSwing. The problem mounting wider items than a Hi-Lift on that side is your rear hatch or tailgate will likely hit when opening/closing.

when is it coming? You need a rep or some field testing in Florida? People already think i work for you when i go to events.

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End of August should be when they start shipping out. Thanks for repping hard :handshake:

When will there be pictures or a video f the sidehack?

@samovirus if you look closely you can see a bit more of the SideHack, we’ll have full photos and video when it launches :+1:

Gotcha, i missed it originally but now i see that i was never cut out to be a detective

Hey guys! Super pumped to be in the community! Quick Q on the sidehack maybe @Rambler01 could answer? I currently have my spare and table mounted. Whats left is a 2 gallon water rotopax and a 3 gallon gas rotopax, 5lb propane mount and traction boards. I was thinking about seeing if I could finagle something with the hi lift jack for the traction boards and then just the side hack for propane and rotopax. Any thoughts on that setup? Will I have to sacrifice the roto’s maybe? Looking forward to some ideas thanks guys!

Thanks for the question! I recommend looking at your needs holistically. Yes, the SideHack will allow you to mount your Rotopax water and gas stacked so long as space between them and the back of your vehicle allows. Hi-Lifts are challenging, do you have room anywhere else to place those on your rig? Same question for MAXTRAX…Shoot a photo of your rig currently over and let’s see what we can figure out.

Will sidehack with a Propane tank close correctly on a 4Runner & a GOBI Ladder?

No, I don’t believe so. However, we’re working on a hardware kit for mounting a propane to the front molle side of the SideHack. We’ve tested it and so far it’s worked well.

So sweet, keep the faith & Game On!