Ultra swing and ultra plate

I want to mount a Jerry can on my ultra plate would it hold the weight?

Is there a mod to mount the Jerry can on the side of my tire using the ultra plate?

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This will be the solution for mounting a Rotopax (or Jerry can if space allows on your vehicle). This will allow you to free up room to mount something else to your UltraPlate. Let us know what it is you plan to mount to the UltraPlate :+1:

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Like to mount recovery boards😎


I will be using my traction boards next weekend in Zion NP, Utah. They will be mounted on my ultra plate.

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Sweet! Shoot us a pic of how you mount that up.

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What are your thoughts on our current Maxtrax mounting option? Maxtrax mount for UltraSwing

Sam on the video was nice. The straps for me seem to many steps to set up initially and seem hard to mount. I really want my nice chrome wheels to show.

Looking for a screw on/off mounting/locking option for any vendor recovery boards with mounting holes. Want easy on/off but secure. Strong cable lock certainly an easy option for security.

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Thanks for the feedback. The straps are very easy to setup, and once they’ve been setup once, you don’t need to readjust again. Understood on the wanting your spare to show.

Yes, I seen people do it themselves. But that is exactly what I have vision for my boards on my Roxanne.