The Sidehack on a 4Runner with a GOBI Ladder?

Hello All,

Does the The Sidehack on a 4Runner open and closes correctly with a GOBI Ladder?
Has anyone tested this on a 4Runner & A GOBI Ladder?

Please tell me that this does work correctly?

I’m wondering the same thing but from the pics, it doesn’t look like it will fit. Rago just came out with a similar mount, can’t tell if it’ll work either.

Well, my Sidehack arrived this week. I have a 4Runner. I have a Gobi ladder. Maybe, maybe I’ll try to install it tomorrow. I’m hoping for the best, of course. I’ll report back.

Everything looks right as rain, just perfect!!

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I installed the Sidekick today. I had some issues as i have the older table mount and it was tough to get something to align, but i worked through the problem. I plan on using it with a 2 gallon water Rotopax but i had a fuel one available so it was my model for the day.

Plenty of clearance as @Serendipityguy alluded to.

I shot a few angles to give a better sense of clearance. I hope it helps.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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I am quite happy with this mod.
I have the Baja Design Dome light attached to this table.

I am not a fabacator, but a weekend warrior.

This is just proof of concept & needs more polish, but
I am loving it!

That’s a great idea.