Who has modded their UltraSwing?

Has anyone else modded their UltraSwing to add features or gear? My UltraSwing has been great, but I like carrying plenty of water and fuel, and still wanted to use my table. My solution was to weld up some arms with frames big enough for 5gal Scepter cans on each side. Worked great! If I had it to do over again, I’d just wait for the SideHack though - would have saved me a lot of work! :rofl:


Way-2 make it happen for your Jerry’s Scott :hammer_and_wrench: Can’t wait to see how your GX turns out. Ran into an old friend at the climbing gym who lives in Boise now. He said Horsethief Resevoir is his spot. Is that a good spot to tell Charlie about? Also, here’s another spy shot of the SideHack:
SideHack Spy Shot